Saturday, February 21, 2009

Emulators, Roms, and 10,000 Hacks

This Gaming Collection is finally being updated after a long absence. So, stay tuned !


Cheats / Hacks /
Websites with offer Cheats, game descriptions, and walkthroughs.

Cheats/ Hacks/ Codes/ for Retro-gaming.

The primary lists of Cheat Codes for retro-gaming ‐ (5 simple links)

Game Genie Codes SNES Game Genie Sega Genesis Game Genie NES Game Genie NES Game Genie (our original codes)

{the above links; Gens, Snes9x, FCEU, FreezeSMS, Magic Engine, & NES Game Genie II are 100% original Cheat Codes.
These codes are also compatible with consoles
(using Hardware Devices, such as Game Shark, Action Replay, & Game Wizard.)
Initial credit to TheGameLord c 2002-2015. (while, Game Genie codes are from Galoob & Camerica.)
Most website links contain cheat codes which were created by Codeboy, from Game shark. Most Action Replay & Computer cheats herein were created by DaveHiggins.

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